Global study asks 'Why sport?'

An online exercise is aiming to provide greater understanding on why sport is such a popular tool for development.

Researchers based at universities in Illinois, USA and Melbourne, Australia have posed the question ‘Why sport?’ for the survey aimed at active practitioners in Sport for Development.

An invitation to participate read: “As committed practitioners and researchers for using sport as a tool for development, we have a vested interest in advancing practice in the sport for development and peace (SDP) field.

“Currently, we are conducting a study on the unique qualities of sport in facilitating development agendas in SDP. In short, we are interested in answering the question ‘Why sport?’”

The exercise is into two phases, with the first running throughout August and September, when respondents will be asked to generate “a set of statements revolving around why sport is an effective development tool”.

Phase two, throughout October and November, will ask respondents to group, sort and rate statement generated by all study participants provided during phase one.

To find out more and complete the exercise, visit