Promoting happier, healthier ageing through affordable physical activity

Silverfit is an exciting, rapidly expanding charity led by older people for older people. It aims to promote happier, healthier ageing through physical activity and at the same time combat social isolation. Its 'sandwich' formula of socialising/exercise/socialising for older people is unique, increasing activity levels and helping people make new friends, feel more confident and enjoy life as they age.

Encouraging healthy ageing not only helps individuals, but saves the NHS and social care providers money. Many members say their increased fitness means they don't attend GP surgeries so often, or are on reduced medication. Silverfit’s remarkably high retention reflects the fact that the social element is as highly valued, if not more so than the physical activity.

Eighteen Silverfit venues are located in eight boroughs across London. Each venue offers a choice of activities, from Nordic Walking, to pilates, yoga, walking football, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Latin American Dance, Bollywood dance and Silver Cheerleading. No-one is excluded because of cost, so membership is just £5 per year, then sessions are either free or £1-£3 to attend.

Silverfit's founder and CEO is 74-year-old Eddie Brocklesby. She is the UK’s oldest female Ironman triathlete and is still competing in Ironman competitions around the world. Having started exercising at age 50, she was inspired to start Silverfit when she realised how beneficial being active and making new friends was for her body and mind. She is testament to what exercise can do for any person at any age, no matter when you start.


PO Box 64609, London SW8 9AW

07450 611155 (General enquiries)