Salaam Peace
Be the change in the community you want to see

The Salaam Peace Community Engagement Programme has an outstanding track record in engaging communities, and designing, delivering, developing and sustaining high-impact projects using sport, media and education in Hackney and Waltham Forest, two of the most diverse areas of the UK.

Our work is grown from the grassroots and built from within. All our staff, male and female, have been through our journey of positive change. Some have started with us as referrals on projects such as young people from eastern European countries aiming to integrate into British society. This means that when they engage with current and future generations they have a direct knowledge of the social, cultural and economic issues facing the local communities.

We tackle issues that could lead to communities becoming polarised; for example, promoting positive images of Islam as well as providing constructive activities for those that may be at risk of anti-social behaviour or have been in the Criminal Justice System. Through our work, Salaam Peace uses every possible opportunity to shine a light on the achievements of members of the community who also work tirelessly to promote community cohesion and human values such as fairness, kindness and compassion.

Our active and dedicated volunteers also mentor and inspire young people to achieve their full potential and give back to the community by becoming 'Community Champions'.