Restorative Justice for All

RJ4All is a non-profit NGO based in SE16 London with a mission to advance community and social cohesion at the local, national and international levels. Through our programmes, we redistribute power within society using the values and practices of restorative justice. To this end, we partner with like minded organisations and individuals to deliver activities that advance our mission including sports and art, inter-cultural dialogue and workshops.

We increase cultural awareness especially amongst children and young people, breaking in this way the barriers that lead to division and community tensions. We provide training and courses (face-to-face and online) that are accredited with CPD status. We also have a publishing arm specialising in books and Journals in social sciences and social justice. We are governed by a Trustee Board and our Founder is also our Director (voluntary role). We are supported by 12 part-time interns and over 40 volunteers monthly.

For the submitted project, we partnered with Tideway Sailability is a unique sailing charity in SE16 focused on providing access to a sports activity in which children and young people with disabilities participate with, and on equal terms to, those without a disability. Tideway strives to create a more cohesive and integrated local area by enabling those with and without a disability to come into closer contact in a healthy, outdoor and sporting environment.

14 Dock Offices, London SE16 2XU