Queens Project UK - Fit Mammas BoxFit

Fit Mammas BoxFit is part of Queens Project UK which aims to improve the fitness, confidence, self-esteem and mental wellbeing of women and young girls through:

- Physical activities such as bBoxFit, Kick Boxing and Self-defence (babies and children welcome)
- Personal development e.g. our monthly principles
- Events aimed at women's health & empowerment
- A Mumpreneur network to promote their businesses and training to upskill mums, women and girls to become coaches or support career/school aspirations.

There are a multitude of issues impacting the mental wellbeing of women and girls such as; the high levels of violence whether physical, sexual or psychological. Women are more likely to also experience persistent poverty and unsurprisingly suffer from common mental health disorders.

Queens Project UK offers women a space to connect, get fit, improve their confidence, release stress, connect and boost their mental health. Together We Can Raise Queens #whatsyourfight Sundays Sobell Centre, London, N7 11.00-12.30

Sobell Centre, London, N7