Proud and Palace
Supporting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) supporters of Crystal Palace FC

Proud and Palace is the official LGBT fan group of Crystal Palace Football Club. Together we work to make Crystal Palace the most inclusive club it can be by creating a vocal and visible community of LGBT+ fans and allies. We work with other fan groups across the club to raise awareness of the impact of homophobic language and chanting in making fans feel unwelcome. We also work with the club’s safeguarding and security teams to ensure they are aware and empowered to combat discriminatory behaviour in the stands.

Our group meets up regularly before and after games where we make sure that whether it is your first ever match, you are returning after dropping out of football, or you are a regular match-goer, you feel welcome and part of a welcoming community at Selhurst Park. We are also part of the Pride in Football network to meet up with LGBT fan groups from other clubs around the country to share learnings and experiences and together show that football has a committed and passionate LGBT fan representation.

Since being formed in 2014 we have enjoyed great engagement with the club including an official launch event at Selhurst Park, an on-pitch appearance during the Rainbow Laces campaign, and players wearing our t-shirts for warm up during Football v Homophobia month. We also have a regular presence in the match day programme and great support on the club’s official social media channels.