Muslimah Sports Association
Providing opportunities and empowerment through sports to Muslim and BAME women

Muslimah Sports Association (MSA) is a non-profit organisation which is committed to providing opportunities and empowerment through sports to Muslim and BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) women. We are a team of volunteers who have dedicated time to manage various sessions to make them rewarding for our participants.  

MSA provides sports activities for women in an environment which does not compromise religious or cultural beliefs. We work closely with national governing bodies, local authorities and sports organisations, community and faith groups, local clubs and charities.

We strongly believe that all women, especially Muslim and BAME women, should have the freedom to participate in any sports without limitations or prejudice. We want to be at the forefront of creating an outlet where Muslim and BAME women can be individuals, and want to increase the participation for women at all levels, whether volunteering, participating, coaching or refereeing. 

We aim to improve health and lifestyles for women and all those around them. We want to make a difference to Muslim and BAME women, to improve physical and mental wellbeing for the long term.