Mini Mermaid Running Club UK
The Finish Line is Just The Beginning!

Mini Mermaid Running Club UK stands for self-worth, value and movement. Our mission is to teach every girl to lead a balanced life by listening to her inner voice, valuing her uniqueness, learning to love movement and discovering the finish line is just the beginning.

During our programmes, the girls work in small groups of 10 to learn self-compassion through the use of two characters, Mini Mermaid and Siren. They represent the two voices we hear in our heads, hearts and the world around us. Learning the difference between the two characters leads to mindfulness which creates greater self-compassion and empathy.

We also teach the girls the value of exercise and moving their bodies regardless of their size, shape or ability. The work-outs are not focused on being first or running fast, but rather on each girl finding her own happy pace.