Hijabi Runners
Who says hijabi girls can't run?

Hijabi Runners is an all-girls running group. We want to see other hijabi runners out there and eventually have a team to run races with, and to champion breaking down boundaries and stereotypes.

Who says Hijabi girls can't run?! Well our Hijabi Runners sure as heck can! Muslim and BAME girls are a target demographic for this running group as statistics show we are one of the most lacking groups with regards to sport and physical activity. However this does not mean you have to be a hijabi, a muslim or BAME to join us - just a lady!

From runners as young as 14 to running mummies, from experienced runners, to new runners, from competitive to casual, we're here for everyone. You don't even have to have run before!

Hijabi Runners aims to:

    - Represent the underrepresented (and often the misrepresented!)

    - Get (primarily) muslim girls into running

    - Dispel the stereotype around hijabis running (breaking down barriers in the process)

    - Form friendships and be a fun and inclusive running group!

We're a unique group based in Leeds, where there's nothing like us around. Hijabi Runners is a group of positivity, inclusivity and fun.