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Hexagol is an innovation that takes the game of football to the player like no other. It attracts more kids to sport and entertains and rewards them in a safe, fun, environment. Hexagol is a first of its kind in this technology at an affordable price and has fantastic return on investment for clubs, community trusts, schools, charities etc. 

Great fan engagement, youth development, health and well being days, events and football camps. The technology provides unique individual games and team trials, against the clock or providing high scores. 

Real sport and play for the smartphone generation we like to say! 

Games can be played by players of all ages, is loved by girls and is particularly exciting for it’s ability to be used by kids with special educational needs, autism, physical disability and wheelchair users. 

Hexagol in Schools

Hexagol is transforming sport, play and technology experiences for children & teachers today. In mainstream and in assisted support needs environments, Hexagol Interactive cells are an amazing addition to physical education and digital technology. 

Hexagol helps with motor, sensory, numeracy, and digital technology specifically benefiting children with special needs by focusing play inside the Hexagol area and providing simple but highly energetic individual and team games. 

Through practice and repetition the pupil develops skills, fitness, and confidence in sport much quicker than older traditional sports training. Hexagol can be used by all kids, instilling confidence and determination. Hexagol is really effective at engaging pupils on the autistic spectrum, and is fully inclusive for pupils with physical disabilities including wheelchair users. Hit one target - feel like a winner!

Watch how Hexagol helps children with complex learning needs.

Watch how Hexagol develops children in a community sport setting.

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