Football Beyond Borders
Using football as an engagement tool to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

Football Beyond Borders is an education charity which uses football as an engagement tool to provide young people with the opportunity to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential. We do this through our football-themed, literacy curriculum which puts a young person’s passion for football at the heart of their education.

Our FBB Schools programme uses the power of football as an educational tool to support young people who are disengaged at school to improve their behaviour for learning, academic performance and school engagement. We work with 300 students at schools across London and Wales and deliver our weekly programme on the pitch and in the classroom as a way to tackle low educational attainment, poor school attendance and challenging behaviour.

In 2016/17, FBB participants were involved in 31% fewer incidents of bad behaviour than the control group comparison and achieved a 48% improvement in teacher-assessed attitude to learning.

Hollington Youth Centre, 56-60 Comber Grove, London SE5 0LD