Fight for Peace
Using boxing and martial arts combined with education and personal development to realise the potential of young people

Fight for Peace supports young people in communities affected by crime and violence by creating new opportunities for them and supporting them to make the most of existing opportunities.

In addition to providing new opportunities, our Theory of Change is based on the assumption that a young person’s behaviour, situation and the choices they make, are dependent on the way they see themselves, how they relate to others, and how they see their future.

Fight for Peace creates an enabling environment within which this personal growth and development can take place through our five pillars methodology and by living our values.

1. Boxing and martial arts
These sports promote respect, discipline, self-control, feelings of belonging and self-esteem, and attract young people to join the programme.

2. Education
Support and educational opportunities for young people who are outside formal learning environments or who have learning difficulties.

3. Employability
Access to the work market via training, vocational courses, and referrals to job opportunities through a network of partners in the private sector.

4. Support services
A multidisciplinary social-support team provides services including individual mentoring, social, medical and legal referrals, home visits and community outreach.

5. Youth leadership
Development of youth leaders via Youth Councils who represent the organisation externally and liaise with staff on strategy and programme development.

Our approach is driven by five values that underpin all areas of our work. They are:

Embracing - we believe in a society without exclusion. Everyone is welcome.

Champion - we work with pragmatism and preparedness to be the best in all we do.

Solidarity - we work in unity across our staff, young people and the community.

Inspiring - we aim to inspire our young people and be inspired by them.

Courage - we work where there is need and are proud to stand up for peace.

Fight for Peace Academy, Woodman Street, North Woolwich, London, E16 2LS

Academia Luta pela Paz, Rua Teixeira Ribeiro 900, Bonsucesso, Rio de Janeiro - RJ Brazil 21044-251