Dwarf Sports Association UK
Making regular sport accessible and enjoyable to anyone and everyone of restricted growth in the United Kingdom

The DSAuk promotes grassroots participation in sport and physical activity, starting with young athletes from the age of two. We use sport as a tool to break down the barriers of difference within society and to encourage confidence and empower our members. It is so important that the our members feel valued and that they can do anything in life. We empower people to go on to enjoy all kinds of sport, in which they can compete equally and should they wish to go further, we guide them on to the correct pathway to world class performance within the national governing bodies of sport. But it's not about being the best, it's about feeling good with who you are and knowing that you can achieve anything you want to do in life as well as in sport.

Our mission statement

To make regular sporting opportunity accessible and enjoyable to anyone and everyone of restricted growth in the United Kingdom, regardless of their race, colour, ethnic origin, gender, location, sporting ability or financial support.

Our aims and objectives

To promote and develop sport for persons of restricted growth and to enable them to enter and compete in sport on an equal footing.
- To promote recreational sport for the the benefit of any persons of restricted growth.
- To promote competitive sport for dwarf athletes both in the United Kingdom and internationally.
- To provide opportunities for dwarf athletes to train for and compete in the World Dwarf Games, the Paralympic and the Olympic Games.

Polaris Building, Velocity Point, Wreakes Lane, Dronfield S18 1PN

01246 296485