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Coordinate is a web application designed with sports and activity providers in mind. We already work with some of the leading Sports Activity Providers, Bikeability and Sports Foundation Trusts across the UK. 

Whether you need a tool to help you keep track of your equipment, take bookings in an instant or effortlessly coordinate team members, then this is possible using your very own tailored web application.

Manage your coaches, HR, Health & Safety, Customer bookings, reports and Customer relationships all in one application.

- Keep track of expensive sports equipment.
- Take bookings and payments in an instant.
- Effortlessly coordinate team members and set timetables
- Provide field teams with instant access to resources to better equip them in their role
- Use GPS Check-In to monitor that staff are safe and where they need to be
- Timesheets automatically produced and integrated with payroll
- Receive unpaid invoice alerts and create/send invoices for online payments
- Receive business critical alerts that can be resolved at the click of a button
- Review staff utilisation and company performance easily and quickly
- Access to data and reporting functions to provide evidence of spend or adhere to external auditor’s compliance requirements
- Google Map integration for travel directions – staff will never be late or get lost
- Automatically send important notifications to clients through email and SMS messages to provide the best customer experience possible

Accessible – the responsive web-based platform works on all smartphones, tablets, and computers, so you and your staff members can use it wherever you are

Simple to use – with an intuitive, responsive and familiar interface

Scalable – a flexible platform that adapts and expands as your business develops

Adaptable – integrates seamlessly with your existing websites and business systems

Cost-effective – clear, competitive modular pricing structure that provides real value for your business.

Demo and Trial

If you are interested in a free, no obligation quick demo of Coordinate and its main features please visit: After the demonstration we will discuss setting you up for trial, so you can start transforming your organisations operations with Coordinate.