Coach Core
The future of sports coaching

Coach Core is a youth employment and education programme that affects true change, through sport and physical activity, working in select challenging communities around the UK.

By utilising a bespoke 15-month community-facing apprenticeship, it combines employers and connective partners in each city or area to create long-lasting, collaborative working that benefits everyone involved.

Set up with support from the Royal Foundation, it has enjoyed six years of success across 10 UK sites, working with more than 90 diverse employers across the sector who have gained an apprentice who adds new energy, diversity and coach workforce consistency whilst also contributing across the wider business.

It also means the community gains a young, relatable role model and in 2017 alone, Coach Core apprentices led or assisted over 25,000 coaching sessions and had 320,000+ coaching interactions in this time. 

Crucially, Coach Core has changed the lives of nearly 400 young people by giving them qualifications, training and experiences unparalleled on any other programme of this nature. With a 94% success rate and 98% of those graduates going into full time employment/education, Coach Core look forward to bringing this opportunity to even more cities around the UK over the coming years.


The Royal Foundation, c/o Kensington Palace, London W8 4PU