British Nordic Walking CIC

Nordic Walking is an enhanced walking technique that uses poles to work your upper body as well as your legs. A highly effective and all around workout, Nordic Walking is a fun and social activity that can be enjoyed throughout the year. British Nordic Walking is the UK’s only representative of the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) and the only body to offer training in the internationally recognised INWA 10 Step Method of Nordic Walking. Their mission is based on 4 principles:

- Training individuals from local authorities, the health sector, charities, community groups and the private sector to become instructors and walk leaders, with training to international standards approved by INWA, Nordic Walking’s international body.

- Promoting Nordic Walking to the wider population as a means of improving health and fitness which is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

- Creating Nordic Walking opportunities for fun walks and challenge walks including through partnerships with charitable and voluntary organisations.

- Disseminating up-to-date knowledge and research about the health and fitness benefits of Nordic Walking.

Recent research by Loughborough University found the perceived benefits of participating in Nordic Walking to be:

- Spending time outdoors 78.1% 
- Increased fitness 65.4% 
- Social benefits 62.5%
- Improved health 61.6%
- Enhanced mental wellbeing 59.6%
- Management of weight 50.1%

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