BASE for girls
A campaign championing women of colour, sharing success stories, promoting BAME-led activities, groups and projects

BASE stands for BAME, Activity, Sports, Engagement for girls.

We provide a campaign, positive platform and safe space for all women and girls who support and are from the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic communities to embrace seeing more women that look like them in the world of sports.

We aim to champion women of colour, sharing success stories, promoting BAME-led activities, groups and projects. We will provide more role models by showcasing the talents of inspirational sportswomen and girls at all levels around the world.

Our aim is to encourage as many inactive women within under-represented communities to push forward with behavioural changes towards healthier lifestyles. We want BAME women to feel they can be part of all sports and physical activity. 

07885 799364 (General enquiries)