Balletgirlz Bexley

Formerly known as Belmont School of Ballet and based in Erith, Balletgirlz Bexley opened it's doors in 2017 at it's new studio in Townley School, Bexleyheath. Twenty five senior students had transferred over to the new venue and now study the system of classical ballet called "Vaganova". The system was created in the 1930s in Russia by Professor Agrippina Vaganona.

Although widely used in other countries , there are only a small amount of dance establishments in the UK teaching this method. The system has produced some of the world's most outstanding virtuoso dancers, such as Rudolf Nureyev.

Students aged 10 years upwards study the first 3 years of the Vaganova system. They are able to enter examinations under the Association of Russian Ballet & Theatre Arts. Apart from syllabus work, the dancers have performed in dance productions and numerous charitable events locally, helping to raise hundreds of pounds for good causes.

Not only do our classes promote high levels of fitness , it also teaches fantastic artistry and our school was awarded 1st Place in the classical ballet category from one of the UK's leading Dance Challenges in 2018.