Active Devon
Everyone in Devon active for life

Active Devon is a community-focused, not-for-profit organisation inspiring and supporting the people of Devon to lead active lifestyles, whether that’s getting active for the first time or staying active throughout their lives.

To deliver our mission we work with an extensive network of partner organisations and individuals to:

- Develop the right opportunities for people to start and stay being active.
- Support existing partners and providers to promote and grow the variety of opportunities available for local people.
- Create Devon-wide campaigns to inform and inspire individuals to be active.
- Deliver initiatives in a way that is appropriate to each local area.
- Generate more resources by making the best use of current investment and securing more.

We have got a big ambition: to help at least 125,000 people in Devon to GET more active or STAY active.

Two thirds of the people we help will be amongst Devon’s 350,000 least active people.

The Loft, Haven Banks OEC, Haven Road, Exeter, EX2 8DP