Young boarders set for Skateability scheme

A Skateability scheme is to be launched across the country to coach skateboarding to tens of thousands of young people.

Team Rubicon is delivering the scheme which aims to improve skills and safety. It follows on from the successful Bikeability scheme which has been administered by the Department of Transport for the last 11 years.

Skateboarding has become mainstream over the last few years with an ever-growing number of skateparks, an English governing body founded in 2015 and inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Schools, councils and any other organisation who see a demand for the service can apply to be visited by professional instructors.

There are three Skateability levels which aim to support the rider and give them confidence as they progress from learning the basic balance, turning and pushing skills through to using their skateboard in public spaces like skateparks.

Team Rubicon instructor Sam Young said: "Of course, skateboarding is a great way to encourage healthy and active lifestyles which is important to the physical development of children, but it also has loads of positive benefits towards mental development too – and above all skateboarding is fun!”

Skateability co-ordinator Geoff Else added: "Over 150,000 children have already received skateboard coaching from us in the last decade and the launch of the Skateability scheme highlights our commitment to helping the sport grow further at this exciting time.

"We’ll be investing in more coaches throughout the year and with the support of sponsors like Tech Deck, we look forward to helping a new generation of riders."

For more information on Skateability, click here.