Wellbeing centre reveals key coping strategies

Two key elements of Sport for Development – physical activity and keeping connected with people – feature prominently amongst the most important coping mechanisms identified by people during lockdown.

The ‘What Works Wellbeing’ Centre this week published the findings of research conducted with University College London, whose Covid-19 Social Study explores the effects of the virus and social distancing measures on adults in the UK, in order to understand the psychological and social impact of the pandemic.

The briefing document ‘What helped the UK cope with the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns?’ looks at the wellbeing impact of different coping strategies – the cognitive and behavioural efforts that we use to manage stress.

Data from the start of the first lockdown in March and April 2020 found that:

    - Staying connected to friends and family was the most important coping mechanism and helped more than 75% of people to cope.

    - Gardening, exercising or reading for 30 minutes or more was most effective at lowering anxiety.

Read the briefing.