STEM network launched by football clubs

The European Football Development Network (EFDN) is to launch its new STEM network at Chelsea Football Club's Stamford Bridge stadium on September 4.

EFDN, Chelsea FC and Dutch club Feyenoord are inviting all interested clubs, leagues and organisations to attend the event.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is the field that helps children learn how to programme, make codes, and understand technological devices. There are currently more than a million job vacancies in the STEM industry, while at the same time only 16% of college students graduate in STEM fields or subjects.

Organisers say the launch will be a coming together of like-minded, European football clubs and foundations, who wish to explore STEM education as a new community programme area and take their first steps towards driving innovation in STEM education through football.

The event will include keynote talks from Chelsea FC and industry experts from the world of STEM and technology, as well as hands-on experience of Chelsea’s Robot Football coding game, and round-tables to discuss STEM and kick off the new network.

The EFDN STEM Network wishes to engage EFDN members who are keen to start their own journey of STEM Education for their club and community and want to be part of an alliance that will drive change and impact lives across Europe.

Participation in the event (1230 until 4pm) is free of charge but places are limited. Register for the event here.