SPFL Trust publishes FFIT report

The Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) Trust has published its ‘Football Fans in Training' (FFIT) campaign report for 2019-20.

In its 10th year, 16 community trusts and associated SPFL clubs delivered the programme across Scotland.

In the first six months, there were almost 1,000 confirmed sign-ups for the programme, which the Trust report is the most successful health intervention of its type in Europe. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic some FFIT programmes were cancelled and others transitioned online.

Data shows that FFIT was on course for a successful 10th year in terms of participants and weight loss.

Carey Bruce, a participant with St Mirren, found that despite Covid-19 impacting the course, the sessions had a hugely positive effect on her family. She said: “FFIT has been transformational for my whole family and our lifestyle.

“I was walking a lot more, and it encouraged my husband and the kids to get out too. We all worked out together as a family; it was quality time and making the most out of a bad situation during Covid-19.”

Furthermore, despite fewer people being able to participate when the pandemic hit, weight loss was consistent with past years. Men lost an average of 5.3kg and women an impressive 3.82kg. Statistics also showed changes in eating and alcohol habits. Males who completed the programme reduced alcohol consumption by 149 total units per week.  Both men and women reduced their intake of sugary snacks by nearly 50% with women reducing their fizzy drink consumption by 48.18%.

William Anderson, a participant at Falkirk, found the education element of FFIT to be beneficial with his eating habits. He said: “The learnings around portion control, calorie intake and habit forming were so interesting. I always felt I was active, but I couldn’t lose weight, and the extra knowledge helped me level up.” 

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