'Shaping our future': Sport England call for feedback

Sport England has called for more feedback and discussion on its future direction and strategy after launching its ‘Shaping Our Future’ document.

The funding body's Chief Executive Tim Hollingsworth said the Coronavirus pandemic had changed the priorities of many organisations but it was nevertheless the right time to look ahead to the role Sport England should play to support physical activity in the long term.  

“We’ve been reflecting on our previous choices, what we have learnt from experience, and what it means for our next steps,” he told sportengland.org.

“Like many others, we have needed to take fast action in the past few weeks. In the most urgent moments, we have found ourselves guided by the things people have told us about what matters most.

“We have realised that - amid uncertainty - there are some things that remain resolutely important. These are the things that enable us to navigate unchartered territory; a sense of purpose, our core values, and a network of trusting relationships.”

“This is a moment to set new ambitions for how we work – within Sport England and with our partners – to make sure that we are all part of the solution. It is a more adaptive sort of strategy, a way to stay focused in our work and make good decisions and choices in the context of complexity and uncertainty.”

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