Scottish football clubs aim to get kids reading

The Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) Trust and the Scottish Book Trust are getting more children to read books - by offering free match tickets.

The pioneering new project, called the 4-4-2 Reading Challenge, sees 14 SPFL clubs and local libraries join forces to inspire children aged five to 12 years old to read four books in exchange for tickets to matches.

Participating clubs and libraries will distribute 'challenge cards' and when each child has read four books they will be issued with a free ticket, with discounts on ticket prices for an accompanying adult.

This pilot project involves 200 libraries in 11 of Scotland's 32 local authorities for an initial three months. If successful it could be rolled out further afield.

The venture was launched at a library in Dundee with the help of Dundee FC striker Roarie Deacon and Dundee United midfielder Willo Flood.

SPFL Trust Chief Executive Nicky Reid said: "The 4-4-2 Reading Challenge initiative is designed to encourage children who don’t regularly visit the library or participate in sport to do so. As such, we think it’s a real win-win opportunity for all concerned. Although this is a pilot project, we have high hopes that it can be a hugely successful programme, and so we are grateful to the SPFL for their support to allow us to kick off."

For more information on the 4-4-2 Reading Challenge, including particpating SPFL clubs, click here.