LimbPower create 'Player Pathway' resources

The national charity LimbPower has developed new 'Player Pathway' resources for athletes and non-athletes with a limb impairment who are keen to get involved in sport and physical activity.

Access can be more challenging for persons with a limb impairment and the charity aims to resolve the myriad of questions, challenges and barriers that disabled people have to overcome, whether they are just starting to get active or progressing from beginner to a higher level.

The resources, produced with support from Sport England’s Inclusive Sport Fund and the Activity Alliance, can help answer questions such as ‘where do I start?’  ‘How do I access opportunity to try a particular sport?’  ‘How do I return to a sport I used to play?’  ‘How do I achieve my goals and ambitions?’

Kiera Roche, LimbPower CEO, explained: “One of the major barriers to participation in physical activity and sport is access to information.

“This new Player Pathway resource is an excellent addition to LimbPower’s suite of information sheets on 'Accessing Sport and Physical Activity'. Each resource we create is designed to fill a knowledge gap to enable individuals with limb impairments to access physical activity and sport.”

LimbPower supports both amputees and individuals born with limb impairments to engage in physical activity, sport and the arts to improve quality of life and to aid lifelong rehabilitation.

The resource shows the different opportunities from grassroots to elite level, and highlights the organisations who can support participants on their journey and how this support can be accessed. The resource also highlights where and how LimbPower can support at the different levels of participation.

It sits alongside LimbPower’s suite of Accessing Sport and Physical Activity Fact Sheets, created to engage individuals with limb impairments in physical activity and sport.

To access the resources, click here.