Herts stages 'Sport for change' conference

Herts Sports Partnership has teamed up with the Sport for Development Coalition to stage a conference on ‘Sport for Social Change’ on December 6.

The one-day conference will take place at the Fielder Centre, University of Hertfordshire, and bring together a cross-section of professionals to present and discuss the role that sport can play in contributing towards social change.

The event will focus on understanding how sport can be used as a vehicle for social change for young people and their communities, and will oredominantly address four key themes of poverty, mental health, early intervention and prevention of youth offending, and education and employment.

The event will open with a keynote address from the Alliance of Sport for the Desistance of Crime, whilst also contributing will be the international charity Fight for Peace.

The afternoon offers attendees the chance to take part in one of  five themed workshops; four of which will focus on learning and contributing to countywide planning around on the impact of sport using the four key themes, and a fifth addressing ways to evaluate the outcomes of sport for social change projects.

Will Slemmings, Project Officer for the Herts Sports Partnership said: “The positive effects gained by focusing on this area of work have already been proven in the delivery of our Fit, Fed & Read, and Hertfordshire’s Big Hit projects.

“Now we are using the conference to take stock of our progress to date, and ask for others to bring their experience to the table. We want to explore how sport can assist with overcoming other issues, such as poverty and unemployment, as well as supporting the work already being done in the mental health and early intervention arenas.

”We are extending an invitation to any organisation, sporting or non-sporting, who feel that they have likeminded objectives and want to develop their ideas in collaboration with others.”

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