Gloucester Rugby relaunches Foundation

Gloucester Rugby Foundation has been relaunched with a renewed focus on participation, education and wellbeing.

The charitable arm of Premiership Rugby side Gloucester Rugby has changed its name from ‘Community Charity’ to better reflect its aims and objectives.

Helen Chu, Gloucester Rugby Foundation Manager, explained: “We are changing our name from Gloucester Rugby Community Charity to Gloucester Rugby Foundation following an extensive review. Our work in the local community has developed and grown dramatically over the last two years and the decision to change our name was about meeting the requirements of how we want to evolve.

“The focus of our mission and objectives has become about delivering needs, and we believe the word ‘Foundation’ provides us with a better name to describe our work to our many audiences. We remain the charitable arm of Gloucester Rugby and this review has allowed us to develop a clearer strategy in the future to deliver our ambitious plans to continue to grow.”

Established in 2016, the Foundation uses sport as a vehicle to achieve positive social change across Gloucestershire. Its team of coaches and educators work with people of all ages, from introducing children in primary schools to the sport, through to using the club’s heritage to tackle isolation in older people.

Lance Bradley, Gloucester Rugby CEO, added: “Changing the name of our charity to Gloucester Rugby Foundation allows Foundation to achieve better stand out from the commercial arm of the community team. The Community Department drives the commercial activities that we put on in the community which is a separate entity and part of the main Gloucester Rugby business.

“We are excited about the future and would like to thank all the partners and supporters of the Gloucester Rugby Foundation.  Your support continues to make a massive difference and allows us to continue to reach so many audiences.”

The Foundation’s goal is to ‘engage, educate and inspire the local community to bring about positive social impact and new opportunities for all through sport’.

Pic credit: Gloucester Rugby Foundation.