Free resource pack supports return of Fit & Fed

StreetGames has released a free resource pack to support the return of its ‘Fit & Fed’ programme throughout 2020.

The programme aims to reduce inactivity, isolation and holiday hunger amongst children and young people, beginning with a month-long campaign ‘Fit & Fed February’ which coincides with the first major school holiday of the year.

Last year the scheme provided 186,000 meals to more than 22,000 young people thanks to the charity’s national network of ‘locally-trusted organisations’ (LTOs).

Fit & Fed February seeks to engage hundreds of new and existing LTOs, who will be supported via a resource pack and series of updated webinars, designed to help plan for effective local provision.

All resources have been designed through direct consultation with existing LTOs, to help maximise their usefulness, and to ensure that all projects are catered for – no matter their size. Topics include fundraising, training, food, activities, monitoring and evaluation, and publicity and communications.

Jane Shewring, Fit & Fed Campaign Director for StreetGames, told ConnectSport: “Sharing our insights and ideas is one of the most important things that we as a charity can do, and nowhere is this spirit of giving more crucial than in the battle against food poverty.

“That’s why we’re so thrilled to be announcing this new resource pack, which promises to take existing provisions to the next level, and to continue the transformative work of the wider Fit & Fed campaign.

“We’d like to encourage all organisations – whether they’re associated with StreetGames or not – to make the most out of these handy hints, tips and resources”.

Sign up for your Fit & Fed resource pack here.