EFDS changes name to Activity Alliance

Ahead of its 20th anniversary in September, the English Federation of Disability Sport has rebranded and will now be known as the Activity Alliance. 

The charity enables organisations to support individuals to get and stay active. Its work centres on research and insight with disabled people as well as engagement with disability and sport organisations. 

The change of name follows a thorough strategic review which included research about the charity’s purpose and its impact. As part of the review, the charity carried out stakeholder consultations with staff, member organisations, disabled people and partners. 

The feedback showed that the original name, ‘English Federation of Disability Sport’ limited the organisation’s potential. 

The review concluded that a new direction and wider remit were needed around wellbeing, activity and health, creating the opportunity for the charity to deliver greater impact for disabled people. 

Activity Alliance Chief Executive, Barry Horne, commented: "We are the same team with the same passionate focus on disability, inclusion and sport, but with an exciting new name and image. 

"Through our work with amazing people and influential world-renowned activity programmes for disabled people, we know the time is right for us to embrace this change. 

"Activity Alliance brings our members, partners and disabled people together to make active lives possible. Collectively we continue to challenge perceptions and change the reality of disability, inclusion and sport.”