CPSU launches 'Positive Parents Promise'

It’s important that all parents with children taking part in sport know what their responsibilities are when it comes to choosing a safe club and being a positive influence on their child’s participation.

That is why the NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) this week launched the ‘Positive Parents Promise’.

From May 1, parents will be able to make this pledge to their children by signing up to the points made in the promise. Each point links parents to further guidance on a range of factors, from positive sideline behaviour to what makes a safe sports club.

In return, parents are able to download a personalised certificate, stating that they are a positive sports parent and that they have made the promise, to share on social media and beyond.

The Positive Parents Promise is part of the CPSU’s annual national campaign ‘Parents in Sport Week’ which takes place on October 7-13.

The CPSU would like sports organisations to help promote the Positive Parents Promise by sharing the link on social media feeds, on websites, and through any other media channels they have access to. The aim is for the Promise to reach as many clubs in the UK as possible so that they can encourage parents to get involved and share the word across social media.

The CPSU are also encouraging celebrities involved in grassroots and community sport to make the Promise to their children and share an image of them and their certificate online using the hashtag #PositiveParentsPromise.

For more information, visit thecpsu.org.uk.