Countdown to National School Sport Week

The Youth Sport Trust has started the countdown for this summer’s National School Sport Week, with a call for more time on the curriculum for Physical Education in every school.

YST National School Sport Week aims to inspire schools and supporters up and down the country to use Physical Education and school sport much more intentionally to promote wellbeing and support the personal development of young people. Every school will have the opportunity to take part in ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ between June 24 to 28 to celebrate the power of PE and school sport to improve young people’s wellbeing.

The charity, which has been working in partnership with education for 24 years to improve the provision and impact of physical education, play and sport, has said too many young people are missing out on the life-changing benefits that can be delivered with the right approach.

Ali Oliver, Chief Executive Officer at the Youth Sport Trust, said: “The wellbeing of young people has been in decline and too many are struggling with issues that a good quality Physical Education could support them with. But four in five young people aren’t active enough and schools have been cutting time for PE on the curriculum.

“To turn this around we need like-minded schools, teachers, parents, young people and others to join together this YST National School Sport Week and show why PE and sport have an essential role to play in every young person’s development and the subject should have the same importance as Maths and English within a child’s education.

“The focus of YST National School Sport Week 2019 will be on raising awareness of the vital role of PE and school sport in helping young people experience the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’: i) getting them active, ii) connecting, iii) giving back, iv) taking notice and v) learning.

“I’d urge anyone who cares about young people’s health, happiness and success in school to sign up and join our campaign to improve young people’s lives.”

Across YST National School Sport Week, schools and leading sports organisations across the country will be uniting behind an urgent call for Physical Education, play and sport to be given a more central role in addressing the many challenges faced by this generation from physical and mental health, to personal and social development. The Youth Sport Trust will co-ordinate the week profiling the five ways to wellbeing across the five days of the week. 

Anyone can take part in YST National School Sport Week by signing up at Follow and join in the conversation on social media using @YouthSportTrust #NSSW