Colleges handed funding to engage inactive students

AoC (Association of College) Sport is set to launch several projects to target inactive students, after receiving around £760,000 of National Lottery funding.

The projects will seek to increase the levels of physical activity within lower socio-economic groups, women and girls, and inactive students. 

They are also launching a This Girl Can ambassador programme, which will increase the number and diversity of student volunteers around the UK. 

These ambassadors will promote physical activity in colleges as well as in their local communities and use various activities to increase participation, especially among under-represented groups. 

AoC Sport plans to work with departments other than sport and with colleges with a diverse population, to ensure opportunities are available to all students from all backgrounds. 

AoC Sport Managing Director Marcus Kingwell said: “We are delighted that Sport England are continuing to invest in AoC Sport and the college sector. 

“Our vision is every student to be active and this funding will help us target the most inactive young people in colleges, which in turn will benefit their education, employability and health.” 

Cassell Bailey, Head of Children & Young People (Education) at Sport England, added: “We are delighted to offer National Lottery funding to AoC Sport to support projects in colleges which will tackle inactivity among students. 

“College is a time when students often stop participating in sport and physical activity, so this investment is a great opportunity to embed this into their lifestyles so that they can continue to be active for years to come. 

“Not only will it help improve their physical and mental health; it can also help them prepare for the challenge of university or the workplace.”