Coalition to support StreetGames conference and awards

The Sport for Development Coalition has been unveiled as an official supporter of StreetGames’ National Conference and Awards this summer.

The two-day conference, entitled ‘Healthier, Safer and More Successful - Building Stronger Communities through Sport and Physical Activity’, will take place on June 4-5 in Coventry which is the European City of Sport for 2019.

It will feature a wide array of experts, industry leaders and social activists drawn from across the public, sporting and charitable landscapes, and will tackle the themes aligned with the DCMS’ Sporting Future strategy: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, social and community development, individual development and economic development.

Keynote speakers will include Sport England CEO Tim Hollingsworth; Alison Garnham, CEO of the Child Poverty Action Group; and Ted Cantle from the Institute of Community Cohesion.

The event will also feature the StreetGames annual awards.

Sarah Mortiboys is manager of the Sport for Development Coalition, which includes StreetGames and 60 other organisations committed to using sport and physical activity to generate positive social outcomes.

She said: “StreetGames sit at the heart of the Coalition and continue to make a huge contribution to the development of society through sport, so we are delighted to be officially supporting its National Conference and Awards.

“This event offers the ideal opportunity for the Sport for Development sector to come together and collaborate on some of the most significant issues that are now facing wider society.”

StreetGames CEO Jane Ashworth said: “The StreetGames Conference is fundamentally an opportunity for the sport, youth and charitable sectors to share expertise, insight and initiate change.

“This year the event is supported by the Sport for Development Coalition which demonstrates our commitment to working together to advocate the power of sport for social good.

“Empowering young people, improving physical and mental wellbeing and making communities safer are just some of the social outcomes we’re all working towards.”

Members of the StreetGames and Coalition networks can receive 15% of tickets by emailing to receive the discount code. The code will be valid until Friday 26th April.

By attending this year’s conference, your organisation will gain valuable insight into areas such as:

   - Engaging young people, women and girls and families

   - Building partnerships within the community safety and health sectors

   - Neighbourhood offers: what works best for disadvantaged communities?

   - Peer leadership, and the role it plays in motivating the inactive

   - Measuring, evaluating and showcasing your impact

   - Building resilience through effective coaching

Register now for the StreetGames Conference and Awards.