Coalition seeks developer for cross-sector 'Outcomes Portal'

StreetGames, in partnership with the Sport for Development Coalition, is seeking to commission an external organisation to develop an impact measurement portal.

The aim is for the portal to help organisations in the Coalition, and the sector as a whole, to improve the ways that they measure, record and demonstrate the impact they are making.

The Coalition is a national group of charities, governing bodies and funders which aims to support the development of the sector through its three core pillars: i) advocacy (giving the sector a voice); ii) impact (proving that sport is an effective tool); iii) investment (securing additional funding for the sector).

StreetGames is a founding member of the Coalition and has received investment from Sport England to work collaboratively with other members and the wider sector to create a free-to-access ‘Outcomes Portal’ that will help organisations to measure, record and demonstrate the impact they are making. It will manage the tender process and award the contract while the Coalition becomes constituted.

To drive this work forwards, StreetGames is now looking to commission an external organisation to develop the impact measurement portal. 

The sector contains a broad range of organisations, and impact measurement is currently very mixed with a wide array of internally-developed and externally-sourced systems and providers. The Coalition is keen to develop a simple, universally-accessible portal to enable the sector to speak collectively to Government and key funders.

It has been agreed that subjective wellbeing will be measured first (via use of four ONS wellbeing questions) in a bid to create greater alignment across the sector.

Coalition manager Sarah Mortiboys said: “Organisations in the Sport for Development sector have been exploring different ways to measure impact and align measurement for a number of years and therefore, we know that solving these issues will not be simple. 

“This piece of work is likely to represent the first stage on the journey to improved impact measurement within the sector. We believe, to be effective that it needs to be developed in partnership with the successful bidder and the Sport for Development Coalition adopting a co-creation approach.”

A key element of this tender is for the portal to utilise a free-to-access and simple survey tool, as well as the ability to digitally display results, for example through dashboard visualisation graphs and charts. 

To obtain a full brief for this opportunity, please email The deadline for submission of tenders is 5pm on May 1.