'Coaching Week' focused on community impact

UK Coaching have used this year's 'Coaching Week' to demonstrate the impact that great coaching can have on individuals and communities.

Short films were released throughout the week (June 3-9) that focused on how coaching can contribute to a variety of positive social outcomes, including crime prevention, combatting loneliness, more integrated communities, and helping disabled people grow in confidence.

The inaugural Coaching Week took place in 2018 and received support from key sporting organisations, national and regional media and the wider coaching community. During the week, UK Coaching launched its Principles of Great Coaching aimed at helping people to recognise and celebrate when great coaching takes place.

This year the campaign adopted a much more specific focus, demonstrating the value of coaching to communities, and how coaching can improve social connections and wellbeing.

Mark Gannon, Chief Executive of UK Coaching, said: “Great coaching can have a transformative effect on physical and mental wellbeing, and on individual, social and economic development. It can increase self-esteem and self-worth, boost confidence and encourage resilient habits. Importantly, these effects are felt by both the participant and the coach.

“The purpose of Coaching Week is to extend what we already know to as many people as possible. We want more people, including partners and stakeholders, to see coaching as part of a solution to problems within our communities, for the benefit of everyone.”

Leading tennis coach Judy Murray gave her support to Coaching Week.

She said: “As a child, I learned how to play both badminton and tennis through community clubs in Dunblane and I started out coaching as a volunteer at our local tennis club, so I have experienced the benefits of coaching in the community as both a recipient and a contributor.

“Coaches create the environments that help us to develop a sense of belonging and give us the opportunities to grow our social and physical skills.

“They are also the driving force behind participation in sport and physical activity in local communities across the UK, so I am delighted to see this as the focus of this year’s Coaching Week.” 

How can your organisation get involved with the campaign?   

Prepare a pledge

Create and share content

Organise and register an event

Spread the word on social media using the hashtags #CoachingWeek and #GreatCoaching

Find out more about the campaign at ukcoaching.org/coachingweek 

Pic credits: UK Coaching.