Charity is 'changing lives through sport'

Scottish Sports Futures (SSF) launched its new three-year strategy at an event in Glasgow.

The charity’s strategic plan for 2020-2023 sets out how it will deliver high-quality ‘sport for change’ products and services to more young people in more areas.

Over the next three years SSF – which this year will celebrate its 20th anniversary – will focus on three key strategic objectives: developing people, improving health and wellbeing, and strengthening communities.

Young people shape everything that SSF do, with even the strategy launch being planned by its youth advisory panel. Undoubtedly the highlight of the event was the inspirational stories that the young people shared with the partners and funders in attendance, about how SSF has transformed their lives.

SSF Youth Director Andrew Marley, who took part in SSF’s programmes himself before joining their Board of trustees, hosted the launch event. He said: “I myself have benefitted from the work that SSF does, from attending as a young person, then volunteer, mentor, and now a Board member.

“Not only has it impacted me, but I see the transformation which SSF has made on many other young people, lives which would be very different and a lot less positive without the work we do.”

Supporters and funders of the charity welcomed the new strategy. Julia Abel, from Inspiring Scotland, was inspired to hear “from young people about the importance of changing lives through sport.... (We are) proud that CashBack for Communities and Inspiring Scotland can support your work.”

Click here to read SSF’s full three-year strategic plan.