Athletes unite to deliver 'Bite Size Briefings'

The network of world-class athletes behind the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust have come together to deliver a series of free online webinars aimed at sharing key skills like resilience and motivation at a crucial time for society.

The charity’s network of athletes, which includes numerous Olympians and Paralympians, normally act as mentors to young people facing disadvantage across the UK.

Because of the restrictions associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, in-person programmes have been put on hold.


The athletes will deliver the 'Bite Size Briefings' beginning on June 30th. Each briefing will be led by a former elite athlete and provide a unique insight into the key attitudes and mindset behind their success, with themes such as confidence, teamwork and leadership.

Ben Hilton, CEO of the Trust said: “At Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, we have utilised the abilities and skills of world-class athletes for years to mentor and support young people facing disadvantage.

“Athletes repeatedly demonstrate the high-performing attitudes and behaviours necessary to succeed and we want to offer businesses, charities and individuals the opportunity to learn from our amazing team of athletes.”


Jack Rutter was captain of the Great Britain cerebral palsy football team at the Rio Paralympics in 2016, and will lead the first 30-minute session at 1pm on June 30th. He will discuss what makes an effective leader and the importance of leadership within a team.

Webinars will follow every fortnight. Read the full list of sessions and details of how to sign up here.

Ben added: “We would love to help as many people as possible at the current time, that’s why we’re offering these sessions for free to everyone. It’s also a great opportunity for people to see how much former athletes have to offer society and for businesses to understand how they can utilise those skills, attitudes and behaviours they have displayed throughout their careers in situations beyond the sporting arena.”

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