Activity Alliance issues inclusion guidance

Activity Alliance has published guidance to help sport and leisure providers create more welcoming and accessible environments for disabled people.

As providers prepare to resume following the Covid-19 pandemic, the national charity wants them to consider the guidance as part of their ongoing commitment to inclusion.

The guidance covers areas such as session planning, engagement, and workforce. It complements and builds on other guidelines from Government, Sport England, professional associations, and governing bodies.

Barry Horne, Activity Alliance Chief Executive said: “Even before this crisis period, disabled people faced real challenges in accessing opportunities to be active.

“As we reopen activities, this guidance will help sport and leisure providers to play their part towards a fairer society.

“Organisations should embrace the opportunity and commit to be more inclusive than ever before. Use this moment in time to rethink and readjust things for the better.”

Counting for one in five of our population, disabled people including those with long-term health conditions, are a significant audience to engage. But as the least active group in society, the health and well-being benefits of activity are particularly important. Despite disabled people facing additional barriers in accessing sport and physical activity, research shows many want to be more active.

Providers should read and apply this document with Sport England’s coronavirus (Covid-19) information and the latest Government guidance which states: “It is important, as more sports and activities restart, that absolutely everyone is able to access these opportunities. This includes disabled people, for whom the health and well-being benefits of activity can be particularly important.”

Visit the webpage and download Reopening Activity: An inclusive response here.