London Playing Fields Foundation

The LPFF manages seven playing fields across the capital where 200,000 people a year play football, rugby, cricket and softball improving their physical and mental wellbeing. We believe that playing fields are where sport begins and for the gifted few they are where careers begin.

Founded in 1890 our vision is to create happier, healthier, more cohesive communities. Recent research commissioned by the Foundation shows that the benefits derived from playing sport and being physically active extend well beyond the pitch. For just one of our grounds in Walthamstow the report found that the minimum saving to the public purse was £4.8million over a 12-month period.

As well as increasing sports participation through the provision of facilities for schools and clubs, we extend our reach to disadvantaged groups via a series of life changing projects. For example, the award-winning project Coping Through Football works with the NHS to provide a service with a difference in helping hundreds of people with long term mental health issues to get their lives back on track. Other projects target youngsters at risk of ceasing sporting participation or those for whom opportunities are few and far between. We have also run projects focussed on social inclusion and preventing youngsters from falling prey to the lure of gang activity. These projects aim not just to make an immediate impact but also to shape and inform government and social health policy.

Furthermore, the Foundation also has a strategic protection role which entails compiling the Fields at Risk Register and acting as the first port of call for advice on saving endangered sports pitches across London. We have also written a Charter for Playing Fields in London which provides 12 indisputable calls to action that we hope key stakeholders will unite behind and implement to safeguard the future of London's playing fields.

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