Aim2gain sports

Aim2gain sports is a community based sports organisation in east London. Aim2gain sports has been running in the community for the past ten years. Delivering a variety of community football and multi sports sessions mid week and on the weekends, all inclusive for any children to join in and get involved. The organisation also runs football teams feeding off our football community sessions to help children take their sporting ability to the next level.

The organisation over the past two years has run very successful multi sports camps in all of the school holidays making contact with over 150 children to keep them active and enjoying sports during their time off from school. On top of this Aim2gain sports offer after school sports and mentoring clubs. These clubs aid children who may not have access to computers, or help from parents/guardians at home offering vital supports with school work and also then a variety of sports to take part in. Aim2gain sports connects with hundreds of children every week to help them excel and better themselves through sport.

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