50 / 50: Pledge your support

To help sustain the work of ConnectSport, we're calling on 50 sport for development organisations to each 'donate' 50 words of support.

On April 4th we celebrate 10 years since ConnectSport was launched. However just like many other businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit us hard and our not-for-profit platform is in need of support. That's why if ConnectSport has ever proved useful to you, we're asking you to tell us why in 50 words or less, and help articulate its value to potential funders so that we can sustain our work. Your 50/50 pledges of support will be displayed on this page. Email them to hello@connectsport.co.ukThanks for your support!

27. Hijabi Runners

"ConnectSport has been our megaphone, amplifying our voice. Ever since working with ConnectSport I have seen our publicity grow as more people have reached out and are engaging with us. ConnectSport has helped build our network and now we're flourishing thanks to them. They care about small sports groups like us who are trying our utmost to make a difference with regards to diversity and representation and they strive to highlight, celebrate and empower our achievements" 

– Namrah Shahid, Founder


26. The Wave Project

"ConnectSport champions the vital role Sport for Development organisations play in helping people to be healthier and more active. Its work in supporting grassroots sport is more important than ever following the pandemic, which has left thousands of people isolated and without positive role models. As a strong voice for the Sport for Development sector, ConnectSport helps to provide a beacon of hope for many people who can use sport as a way of improving their lives"

– Joe Taylor, Founder

25. Step Up 2 Fitness

"As a 100% ethnically diverse and women and girls-led grassroots organisation, ConnectSport truly capture inclusivity in sport. The newsletter is always packed with fascinating stories of grassroots organisations which are facing huge challenges whom would not have a platform to share their stories without their incredible work" 

– Hasna Kahlalech, Founder


24. Sense

"ConnectSport provides an invaluable platform to share and discover the latest news and insight in the Sport for Development sector. As a social care charity, it’s incredibly important that we work with trusted partners who can highlight significant developments and best practice across both sectors"

 Alissa Ayling, Head of Sport & Physical Activity

23. Made By Sport

"We know the power of sport to change young people’s lives and that is why organisations such as ConnectSport are so essential in not only telling that story, but also to provide the powerful reasoning why we must invest in sport for development and social good for future generations" 

– Sophie Mason, Chief Executive


22. Herts Sport Partnership

"Sport for Development is at the heart of what we do as an Active Partnership and we continue to be hugely impressed by the work undertaken by ConnectSport, in both heightening the profile of 'S4D' and shining a light on some of the fantastic practice from across the country, which is making such a telling and lasting impact on some of our most disadvantaged, marginalised and under-served communities"

 John O'Callaghan, Partnership Director

21. Badu Sports

"Sports is a powerful tool for social change which BADU uses as a vehicle to educate, empower and uplift young people and their families. ConnectSport is a great platform to highlight the incredible contribution that young people have on communities and society" 

– Natasha Simpson, Community Lead


20. Albion in the Community

"ConnectSport has been hugely supportive for Albion in the Community not only in helping to showcase our impact but to read about and connect with the great work of so many Sport for Development organisations. Given the past year, we need to shout loudly about the unique power of sport to make a positive difference"

 Paul Williams, Head of Community Programmes

19. 3 Pillars Project

"The light that ConnectSport shines on the Sport for Development sector is crucial. Collaboration and teamwork are the bedrock of effective sporting programmes, at 3Pillars Project we are impressed by the way ConnectSport supports this. The organisation does a fantastic job of sharing best practice and highlighting the positive work of a hugely diverse range of organisations" 

– Mike Crofts, Chief Executive


18. London Sport

"ConnectSport plays an key role in shining a spotlight on organisations of all sizes who are improving people’s lives through physical activity and sport. London Sport is just one of those organisations which is why we value the work of ConnectSport so highly"

 Lorna Leach, Strategic Relationship Manager

17. Ready Steady Active

"ConnectSport provides a strong voice for the Sport for Development sector and plays a key role in raising its profile. We highly value the platform which provides a great resource to gain learning from a range of organisations in the sector as well as share our own stories of impact" 

– Rashida Salloo, Director and Founder


16. Brentford Football Club

"Sport for Development is an increasingly important role for sport, especially football, as it can succeed where other interventions fail. Having a co-ordinated platform for S4D organisations to congregate and converse will move this agenda forward, help gain important awareness and help share good practice. We at Brentford Football Club are pleased to support ConnectSport"

 Kevin Coleman, Head of Diversity & Inclusion

15. Mini Mermaid & Young Tritons Running Club UK

"ConnectSport creates a community of sharing and inspiration, which is particularly valuable for grassroots organisations like Mini Mermaid and Young Tritons Running Club. The voices and experiences provide resources and ideas that amplify and elevate both individual organisations and the entire collective

– Hannah Corne, Executive Director


14. Club Development Scotland

"We love the content provided by ConnectSport. Its work helps to shine a light on the extensive work happening across the UK and provides great examples of best practice. A brilliant source of inspiration"

 Andrew Jenkin, Manager

13. Street League

"Sport is inherently competitive and that doesn't always lend itself to collaboration. ConnectSport plays a vital role in bringing sport for development organisations together to achieve greater social impact" 

– Lindsey MacDonald, Managing Director


12. Silverfit

"Physical activity is vital for both the physical and mental health of our ageing population. Silverfit promotes happier, healthier ageing and values the role of  ConnectSport in promoting Silverfit, ensuring more older people have fun; it’s all about health span rather than lifespan. Keep going ConnectSport!"

 Edwina Brocklesby, Founder and CEO

11. Panathlon Challenge

"It is vital that community organisations and charities like our own have someone championing their cause and uniting many tiny voices, to one larger louder voice that can be heard much more clearly. ConnectSport is able to shout from the rooftops about the benefits we can all bring" 

– Ashley Iceton, CEO


10. Sports and Social Change

"The success of the Sport for Development community relies upon a vast network of practitioners, coaches, programme managers, academics and volunteers. ConnectSport provides a vital space for us to gather, learn, exchange ideas, share best practices and stay informed, as we are all tugging on the same rope"

 Howard Brodwin, Managing Director

9. Walking Football Association

"The WFA is keen to support grassroots walking football and all of its associated health and wellbeing benefits. Platforms such as ConnectSport can really help to introduce new players to the sport" 

–  Stuart Langworthy, Director


8. BNP Paribas

"As an organisation closely aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we know the invaluable role that sport can play in creating positive change across society. ConnectSport’s newsletter shares incredible stories of organisations making a tangible difference that we would otherwise never hear about. It’s also a great boost of positivity into your inbox at the end of a long week!"

 Tara Foy, UK Senior CSR Manager

7. Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

“ConnectSport has been an invaluable resource for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust over the years. It has helped us to connect and work with like-minded organisations within our sector to support more young people to live positive lives through sport and physical activity" 

Ben Hilton, Chief Executive


6. Muslimah Sports Association

"ConnectSport gives community groups a platform to showcase achievements and voice concerns about challenges we face as small organisations. ConnectSport also advocates on our behalf, amplifying our voices as one to gain greater focus and action. Without this kind of platform smaller organisations within the industry would be drowned out"

 Yashmin Harun BEM, Chair and Founder

5. DS Active

"ConnectSport has helped us support more people with Down’s syndrome to play sport and be active" 

 Alex Rawle, DS Active Project Manager, Down’s Syndrome Association


4. Metro Blind Sport

"Metro Blind Sport knows that sport and physical activity can be a platform for much more, such as increased confidence, social connectedness, and physical health improvements. ConnectSport plays a pivotal role in sharing how organisations like ourselves use sport to make social change"

 Martin Symcox, Chief Executive

3. Cardiff City FC Foundation

"ConnectSport has been a very useful information source to see how other sport for development organisations have been making a difference"

 Gavin Hawkey, Director


2. Disability Sports Coach

"ConnectSport plays an influential role in highlighting how organisations of all sizes across the country are changing lives through the power of sport; something that is now more important than ever before" 

– Peter Ackred, Chief Executive

1. Blackpool FC Community Trust

"The ConnectSport newsletter is always a great read. Short, succinct and insightful. Strongly recommended" 

– Jason White, Head of Community Programmes